The Study Group

Television Appreciation 401

Greendale Community College

Six Seasons and a Movie

Community is a sitcom that lasted six seasons in various formats and was created by Dan Harmon. The show, while owing several of its seasons to the dedicated fans, is once again on hiatus. But not to worry. After the ban on dioramas after the incident that we all know as “changnado” and its sequel “changnado 2” the Greendale Study Group has discovered the best way to run a show and it is with six seasons and a movie. Community will be our case study.

You gotta have some awesome stuff in a show to make it to six seasons: Paintball, zombies, monkeys, chicken fingers, an awesome best friend, and anything else you dream up in your dreamatorium. Community has all this and more. It’s probably the best show since Inspector Spacetime. What’s the point of…

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