Faolan O’Connor spent his life killing for men like Legs Diamond and Lucky Luciano, and now it’s his turn to face the music. But when vampire Darcy Killian offers him immortality, Faolan enters a world of violence, wealth, and power beyond anything he’s ever imagined.

Driven by ambition and guilt, Faolan fights his way up the ranks in a battle to justify his sins with success. He’s learned the hard way that relationships are vulnerabilities and friends are just enemies in disguise, but he also knows that he can’t conquer a city alone.

Aided by an emotionally-crippled genius and a warm-hearted call girl, Faolan builds a loyal crew with which to challenge the tyrannical Killian s rule. However, will this re-awakened humanity prove a fatal flaw or his ace in the hole? With his life and the future of the city he loves at stake, can Faolan play his cards right or is he drawing dead?




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    • debbiegblog says:

      I don’t know if I did it wrong the other day , but your books look like they are right up my alley to read thank you for inviting me to your page and we are now twitter buddies. Have a nice day
      Debbie Grove

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      • xuemertie says:

        Nope, you did it fine! I saw you on Twitter and thanks! Once I get a firm release date from my publisher, I’ll announce it on here. In the meantime, I plan on posting snippets and related topics to try to drum up some anticipation.


        • debbiegblog says:

          I guess I did it right this time and yes I saw you on Twitter… We are now twitter buddies and I’d love to keep up with your progress and your other books as well. Forgive me and my ignorance of this modern world I’m still used to 2 cans attached with string… lol. And I’d love to check out the other blogs though I must have messed up my own address… lol
          vampire666tweety@aol.com. thanks

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