Alia Cheveyo, a young Hopi woman, is content with her traditional life high in the mesas of Arizona until the day the old man from her childhood vision arrives at her door. He reveals her kinship to the Chermasu: A near-extinct race of shape-shifters who inspired the witchcraft legends of early North America. This shatters everything she believes about herself and all she treasures about her heritage. Even more disturbing is their mission: To finish their ancient war against the society of vampires who control the modern world.

Alia’s story begins in two short stories, which are both available on Chermasu shows how she is first introduced to the strange world of the pack while Monsters completes the tale of her first journey with the pack. Both stories are pieces of a novel I started before Ancient Blood, but never completed.

Their story continues to fascinate me, however, and I do plan to return to it in order to finish the tale. Please check them out:



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