Liquid Friday with author Brian McKinley

This week we are featuring  paranormal suspense author Brian McKinley and his  Authors Talk About It 2016 Horror Novel Contest Grand Prize Winning novel :  Drawing Dead.  We will also take a look at Ancient Blood: A Novel of the Hegemony (Order Saga Book 1)

But before we indulge in the succulent pages of his books, let us find out what drink does Brian recommend for our readers on Friday night.

My favorite drink is Diet Mt. Dew mt-dew

but Faolan’s favorite drink is a blood-and-scotch, no ice. The scotch acts as an anti-coagulant for the blood, which needs to be in there. When vampyrs drink straight alcohol, it is too astringent and leads to dehydration. 


As good as Foalan’s drink sounds, we suggest not to use “real” blood, as some of us are only part-time Vampires.  A good substitute for this occasion is Blood & Sand Cocktail thought…

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Giving back to the Night

The Graveyard Press

Spot Light on “The Iron Garden”


Over the many gatherings and parties “The Iron Garden” has produced the concept of giving back to the community that has supported the effort has always been foremost on its member’s minds.

With speakers such as Lord Traveler Asura-MacPhee co-founder of House Pride of Asura., speaking on the past, present, and future of the community, and others such as Asttarte Rose Deva, and Shatki Bliss holding a forum on the secrets of tantric sex, they have helped produce over 150 different topics, presentations and workshops. They have covered, Magic and witchcraft, paganism and earth-based paths, energy work and vampirism, spirit healing and readers, art, books and many, many more.


With so much going on, and so much more to come, we here at the Graveyard Press decide it would be nice to introduce some of the leadership that makes it all possible.


Jabbar “Trismegistus” Martin…

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“The Orderly” – Vampire Verisimilitude

Fun story!

Cedarcrest Sanctum

The orderly opened his eyes; I waited patiently for the reality of his dire situation to set in.

2016OrderlyHandsHis eyes darted around in panic, finding himself in a hospital bed rather than tending one. I watched his shoulder lurch as he attempted to use his hand, but I had already told him he couldn’t use his arms or legs; he’d simply forgotten — also my doing. Did you know screaming sounds a lot like someone gasping for breath when they can only whisper? That was when I stood up from my comfortable chair. He recognized the illusion I had planted into his mind.

“Ms. Johnson?” he whispered. I could have heard him were I on the opposite side of the assisted-care facility, but I was playing a part: the kind, gentle, and elderly Vivian Johnson who had come to stay a week before.

I leaned in close, feigning confusion. “I’m sorry…

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Literary Karma

Hello! I am very excited about some ongoing projects and I wanted to stop for a moment and tell you what I am doing. I am creating a Media Kit, or a Press Kit if you will.

I want to cut right to the chase today, so let’s dive in.

Have you ever heard the term ‘media kit’ or ‘press kit’? If so, you’re a step ahead of the game. Feel free to scroll down to THE LIST of things that can go into your media kit.

If you’re still here then that’s great. We’re going to learn about media kits and prepare one. Mine is very very old and very very very outdated, thus I need a new one. I am going to track my progress building one and post all the tidbits here when it’s done. In the meantime let’s talk about what a media kit is and…

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Role-playing Tips – Vampire Verisimilitude

Cedarcrest Sanctum

Isn’t the number of Vampires on social media amazing?

BuffyTheMasterSometimes they use names like Dracula, Lestat, Carmilla, or some other literary undead character. They may further claim they are old or even ancient…you know, however far back their social media settings will allow them to go. The bad part, however, is some folks argue and/or DEMAND that other users treat them as the real deal — even if the other users aren’t role-playing. My favorites are the ones trying to be mysterious using cryptic phases like “you don’t know me” or “pray we never meet.”

It’s enough to make an actual Vampire laugh their ass off.

Hey, it’s cool if you’re role-playing. The best part of social media is being able to show the world only the side you want it to see, but let’s think things through logically.

What kind of Vampire are you? How long have you been…

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Quick Tip – Utilize Amazon Features

Literary Karma

Hi, everyone! Just stopping by for a Quick Tip for self-published authors. Right now I am updating some books for an author near and dear to me by making sure they are utilizing ALL of the possible information on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. I cannot tell you how important it is for you to check this. All books should be related to key words in every possible way. I am listing all of my books and y mother’s books under the Publisher Literary Karma. This will build our brand. I invite you to do this if you like. Anyone who stumbles across or finds Literary Karma on google and amazon would then have a link to your book. In addition to adding this publisher (if that space is not already taken, I am also using this under add contributors.) Speaking of which!!!! Add contributors I am also updating. Updating this…

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Hello from the other side.

Literary Karma

Hello, hello from the other siiiiiiide… I haven’t called even once, I hate the phone.

Well, tonight I have nothing specific to say, but I made a vow to myself I would talk at least once a month about how things are going. I would tell the ups and downs, the wins the loses.

Unfortunately I don’t have much to report yet. The last month has been very busy with plotting and planning my little heart out, while trying to get a handle on my health. The past few months of which it has been on a roller coaster of ups and downs with far more downs than ups. Right now I even have another flu, which I have had for almost two weeks and has steadily gotten worse these last three days. I was also down with a cold in January, February, December, November, and October. This is very…

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Kate Beckinsale and Worlds of Darkness – Vampire Verisimilitude

Cedarcrest Sanctum

Fair warning: I can’t believe I’m still dwelling on this.

It has become apparent to me that you cannot be taken seriously as a female Vampire in book lit (or anywhere else) unless you dress like a Victorian corpse who died of consumption…or maybe a pierced tattooed thug in heavy eye makeup with ankh jewelry and quasi-street rubber/leather New Religion goth clothing.

Or — you know — you happen to look like Kate Beckinsale.

KateBeckinsaleVampiresDon’t get me wrong: I like her, too. She’s gorgeous in a timeless way, looks bad-ass whenever she wants, and you WANT to believe in the character she’s playing. Yet at the same time, she’s a walking undead cliché: perfect dark hair, pale skin, the ethereal blue supernatural contacts, the custom-leather corset (accentuating whatever you have to work with) and, well, just all of it.

* bangs head on desk *

Here’s the problem: NONE of…

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The Ugly Truth of Publishing & How BEST to Support Writers

Kristen Lamb's Blog

Original Image via Flickr Creative Commons, courtesy of Anurag Agnihotri Original Image via Flickr Creative Commons, courtesy of Anurag Agnihotri

Well, I figure I have one more day to drunkenly torch my platform. Sad thing is I don’t drink. I am apparently this stupid when sober 😛 . Actually I am writing this as a follow up for my rant from the day before yesterday, because knowledge is power.

Writers need this. Your friends and families need this. Readers need this. The more people get how this industry works, the more everyone can start working together for everyone’s benefit.

In my book Rise of the Machines—Human Authors in a Digital World, I go into a LOT more detail and I highly recommend you get a copy if you don’t have one. I spend the first chapters of the book explaining how the various forms of publishing work so you can make an educated decision.

All types of publishing have corresponding…

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Hello! Below is an interview I did with Paranormal Investigator Charlie Fuhst, completely for my own interest, but I thought that others might find his answers illuminating.


  1. How do you investigate the paranormal? What are your jobs typically like?

I begin by making sure that every single electronic device is turned off in the household including light switches,because any electronic device can set off the EMF meter “Electric Magnetic Field Meter” It’s purpose is to read electric magnetic energy,that comes from any electrical source. For an paranormal investigator, you would definitely want to use it without any electrical devices giving off any unwanted entry that might disrupt the EMF meter’s reading while investigating. During the investigation, once I am sure that every single electronic device is off, I also use a night vision camera that can help you see orbs. A lot of times, it’s dust particles or small insects.  Another device that I use, which is very handy in a investigation, is the digital voice recorder. Its purpose is that it picks up sounds and voices that the human ear can’t pick up.

My jobs, to be very honest, some I do catch, sometimes I don’t. Paranormal investigations is in a sense like fishing: sometimes you get the fish, and sometimes you don’t. Either way, I will let the client know what I caught, what I didn’t, and what I debunked. Debunked means that you were able to recreate the “Paranormal activity.”


  1. From stories I’ve heard, there seem to be two main types of ghost: ones that interact with the environment and have a personality and ones that just repeat a series of actions over and over again. Have you found this to be true?

Yes, I have encountered both Intelligent and Residual hauntings. I did an Investigation where there was a spirit that I had trouble communicating with, so I provoked him to reveal himself to me. Note: never provoke a spirit unless you are sure that you know what you are doing. The spirit wound up throwing a ceramic plate at my head, and I also heard it say: “Asshole.” I did this investigation solo. There was nobody in that apartment.

In the other investigation, where I caught the residual haunting, I heard walking on the upper floors of a empty house at certain times of the day. The reason why I concluded that it was residual was because the footsteps would happen in the same area at certain times of the day.


  1. What do you think makes a ghost what it is? Why do you think certain people might become/leave one and most don’t?

There are different theories about this. Some say because they have unfinished business, wrongful death, died premature, and didn’t accept the fact that they are dead.

When some don’t return as spirits, it is possible that they accept the fact that they are dead and just decided to live and let die.


  1. What’s the most intense experience you’ve had with a ghost?

That would have to be my very first investigation in Staten Island, when I was a member of another paranormal investigation group. Myself and another team member were investigating an abandoned asylum that was also an tuberculosis center a long time ago. When we were investigating the lower floors of one of many buildings surrounding it, we both heard what sounded like feet dragging on that upper floor. But the thing about it was that there was no way of getting to the upper floor because the staircase was covered by debris and garbage. And in that same building, I heard a raspy voice say “Hey” as I was about to leave. My partner didn’t hear it, unfortunately.

Have you seen me?

Have you seen me?

  1. In general, how much of what we see in movies/TV is realistic when it comes to ghosts?

You know that saying “Don’t believe the hype.” Well such is the case. A lot of TV and movies over kill it by overdoing it with getting scared running away like Scooby and Shaggy, or in a movie where you see a possessed person climb on walls, and you see their head spin 360 degrees. That would kill someone instantly. All that stuff is just done for ratings.


  1. Almost everyone I know has a “ghost story” about someone they know who has a benign ghost in the house who does minor things (changing TV channels, opening/closing doors, etc). How genuine do you think most of these are or are there probably other explanations?

All those examples have been demonstrated by other paranormal investigators, but the ultimate question is: can you debunk? I you can’t debunk it, then it is probably genuine.


  1. What abilities have you seen (or heard credible reports of) ghosts demonstrate? Can they possess people? Manifest? Throw things?

Definitely yes to all questions. I had a case where a good friend of mine actually got possessed. It lasted for about 10 minutes. I literally had to sit her down and explain to the spirit that was possessing her that this isn’t your body, to let her go. With enough energy, a spirit can manifest and throw objects.


  1. What have you found to be the best way to get rid of an unwanted ghost?

There are a lot of theories to this particular question. What I found that works for me is sage, and frankincense, and myrrh. Open all of the windows first, burn the frankincense and myrrh around the windows. They love the smell of it. Burn the sage and walk around the house with it–Yes,even your creepy basement if you have one! Let the spirit know that it cannot stay, that this is your house. If this doesn’t work for you, then get someone who has has experience in cleansing homes.


  1. Do you think there is a difference between ghosts, spirits (in the magical sense), and demons/angels or are they all the same thing?

Ghosts are spirits or spirits are ghosts. It boils down to the same thing. Demons are fallen angels and angels are, well, Angels.

  1. Have you ever encountered anything of a paranormal variety besides a ghost?

I have, I actually got 3 scratch/claw marks on the back of my leg. I couldn’t prove that it was demonic, but I would love to find out.


Wow, thanks for that! Very cool.