Kierkegaard was right – there is an awful precipice before us. But he was wrong about the leap – there’s a difference between jumping and being pushed. You reach a point where you are forced to face your own needs, and the fact that you can’t terminate the situation settles on you with full force.”

Kathleen Conklin, in The Addiction (1995)

In the film The Addiction (1995) the director Abel Ferarra uses the metaphor of the vampire to examine issues of power, free will, good, and evil in the human (and not so human) condition.  One of the very first scenes  is the most significant. Doctoral student Kathleen Conklin played by Lili Taylor is dragged into a dark ally of New York City by a beautiful vampire named Casanova (played by Annabella Sciorra). Casanova presses Kathleen against a wall and sternly states, “Tell me to go away.”  Sensing…

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