Cedarcrest Sanctum - The Matriarch Vampires

Isn’t the number of Vampires on social media amazing?

BuffyTheMasterSometimes they use names like Dracula, Lestat, Carmilla, or some other literary undead character. They may further claim they are old or even ancient…you know, however far back their social media settings will allow them to go. The bad part, however, is some folks argue and/or DEMAND that other users treat them as the real deal — even if the other users aren’t role-playing. My favorites are the ones trying to be mysterious using cryptic phases like “you don’t know me” or “pray we never meet.”

It’s enough to make an actual Vampire laugh their ass off.

Hey, it’s cool if you’re role-playing. The best part of social media is being able to show the world only the side you want it to see, but let’s think things through logically.

What kind of Vampire are you? How long have you been…

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