Cedarcrest Sanctum - The Matriarch Vampires

I took a holiday last weekend, so let’s jump back into it, shall we?

FromTheDeskOfJanissSignatureMr. Benson asks, “How does that whole Lugosi eyes-behind-the-cape hypnosis thing work?” I used the exact wording to your question because I love how you asked it, Charlie. This is one fact that both television and movies get wrong all the time (NBC’s “Dracula,” anyone?)

I’ll begin with the first thought that pops into my head: I DESPISE the ability. I hate it and everything about it. Surprised? It’s in no way fair to anyone that there are creatures who can look at you, speak as little as a word, and steal your mind. Full disclosure: it’s also how I wound up in this mess to begin with.

It doesn’t even seem to really make much sense. The physical manifestation of vampires include fangs, blackened eyes, and talons (why talons instead of claws? I think it’s…

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