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Adventurous Debut Vampire Novel, due for release 25th Feb 2014 An adventurous debut, due for release 25th Feb 2014

I was really excited when I heard about the upcoming release of this debut novel, not least because I have recently re-discovered my love of vampire fiction. It did wane for a while: I’ve never been keen on the recent re-imaginings in the Twilight and True Bloodilk, but I have discovered that fiction in the style of early Anne Rice, somehow darker and more ‘adult’ (I don’t want to be patronising, but can’t think how else to phrase it) vampire fiction is still out there.

I have mentioned the book that regenerated this interest before: Hemovore by Jordan Castillo Price. It’s going on my ‘read again’ list (no mean feat with length of my ‘to-read’ reading list) and part of the draw of this book was the way the explored the idea of vampirism itself: in this narrative, it’s a virus or disease of the blood…

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