Awesome interview from Clay Gilbert!



Today’s special guest is Brian McKinley, author of the new ”vampire noir” (my term) Drawing Dead.   He’s also a lot of fun to interview,  and has been at Portals before.  Say hello again to Brian!

Q:Do things feel different now that “Drawing Dead” is in the world?

A:Right now, it all still feels slightly unreal. The book is both out-but-not-out, kind of like Schrödinger’s cat, in that it’s available for pre-order but no one is really reading it yet. No one can leave reviews on Amazon yet. I’m still waiting for the “opening weekend box office” to see if all these promotional efforts will pay off.

Q:What project are you currently working on?

A:Right now, I’m writing the sequel to Drawing Dead which is tentatively being called Drawing Thin. It will move the story along into the 1940s and deals with Faolan’s first real challenge to his new-found…

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