A fictional vampire sounds off against “real” vampires.

Cedarcrest Sanctum - The Matriarch Vampires

People are Strange – there’s a vampire song that says so.

FromTheDeskOfJanissSignatureOkay, so it isn’t REALLY a vampire song, but it is on a vampire soundtrack, and the band who wrote and performed it aren’t vampires (I think). As I’ve ventured out into social media recently, I’ve noticed an obsession with vampire lore…FOUR. That’s how many times I’ve written the word “vampire” so far, FIVE if you include the title.

What’s my point? It’s about something called the Vampire Community, places where (I’m not making this up) real vampires communicate with each other online. And demonkin. And otherkin. And elementals. If you’re still reading this, you’re probably thinking, “People believe this stuff is real?” I’ve wondered myself, specifically why anyone would want to be known as a vampire or demon or anything other than human.

I don’t wear my own mask as tightly as I should; my resident readers know this. I share this…

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