The Graveyard Press

by Kate Gallwey (c) April 7 2015

I have had to take the common philosophies found across the OVC and adapt them to what I know and can understand. So like everything else here it is highly subjectively to one’s own reality. Soo taking that into account we have three categories of psychic vampire, with the middle category sliding into both sides. An energy leech…no the name is not nice, we are all energy leeches, I watch my cat come to me for attention and energy, dogs and horses.. all higher vibrational creatures need energy and will manipulate the other beings around them to get it. Attention flows where energy goes.

The ebb and flow of the tides of energy is all around us. A child is a literal sponge being shaped and evolved by the currents around it. But we get blocked and warped for numinous reasons and in…

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