Because I’m too lazy to write something for Valentine’s Day, here’s a nice poem from someone else!

Adventures in the Land of Words

Bats in the dark, screech and swirl,
It runs in my blood.
Shadows down a dark corridor, coming after me.
Looking for my blood.
Will you remember me when I’m dead and gone or will I be another face, haunting your eternal memory?
I know I shouldn’t be out this late, but I couldn’t sleep, and now I can’t remember if I’m in my century or yours.
Dead and gone.
I scream your name, it’s the only thing I can remember in this world of fucked up happy endings.
You come to me, singing in a voice like Morrison’s about this potential I hold… how can I be your bride when I don’t even believe in marriage? You swear it means something more. I swear I don’t care.
Let’s pretend. You be the prince and I guess that leaves me the role of princess.
Night runs along and you’ve tasted…

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