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graveyardpress2Written by A.V.F
 1/21/2015 © Graveyardpress ™

The Tensions between the so called Vampire Community (VC) and a totally separate Vampire Fiction Fans (VF) group have escalated recently as conflicts between them spread. There has always been a fairly healthy cross over between the two elements. Most of the time it has been fairly respectful. Recently I was able to talk to members on both sides of the debate. Deacon Gray and Anthony Hogg.

I find myself wondering what’s really behind all the hostility

DG: “It’s not that either side is filled with bad people, or overly arrogant people. They are just people with strong opinions that see no reason to compromise due to internet insulation. Also the people involved have different motivations behind their words. The way I see is is that any conversation has value until the first person goes away from the topic and turns toward insults…

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