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Back in 2012, a book called “Vampire Syndrome” made the rounds of New York publishing houses.  I decided to look back on one of the publisher’s rejections and analyze it from my present perspective, two years later.

Based on the paranormal titles released by that publisher in 2013 and 2014, I can now see there is no way in hell that “Vampire Syndrome” would have ever had a chance to be published by this company. Most amusing and ironic in retrospect how someone claimed this company wanted “ground-breaking” new paranormal titles. Virtually all the paranormal titles they’ve released in the last couple of years rival Harlequin for hewing closely to “company formula.” A litany of titles I would not be interested in even reading, for free. Much less writing in that “style.”

“Sour Grapes?” Hardly. I let out a big sigh of relief that I’m not signed to this company…

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  1. John says:

    Similar to an article I read recently regarding Self-publishing vs. Publishing Houses. Apparently the writer submitted an original story which both the agent and the publisher wanted the author to go back and redo virtually the whole story to fit into the current zombie phase. The writer told them to pretty much pound sand as it robbed the originality of his story and he self-published. Publishers want to move books in line with whatever the trend is, not creating a new trend. Sad.
    The flip side is there’s a million of us self-publishers trying to sell our books and can’t get the big distributors or chains to carry them.

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  2. Love Daven’s work and YOURS! Thanks for supporting my friend! Lots of love, Emily

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