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Next up on our Great Vampire Dispute expedition is Dan Shaurette, author of Lilith’s Love. I read Dan’s book several years ago when we first met. I loved the way he combined his wiccan/magick world with Lilith, who is a vampire anyone could love. This is a double love story told from a male’s point of view. The vampire lore is well-thought out and there is a great respect for magick and faith in this tome.

Now, here are Dan’s Vamps, according to the vamp man himself…

Dan’s Vamps

DanTreeAuthor name: Dan Shaurette

What is the title of your series?
Lilith’s Kiss Series

How many books are available?
1 in print and available at Podiobooks.com.

How many total in the series to date? Plans for 3 in this series, but there are spinoff series planned

What is your series about? Donovan, lonely and getting over the recent death of…

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