Christopher DeLEEful Films!

By Kristin Battestella

How does one choose the best or most beloved pictures from Sir Christopher Lee’s extensive film repertoire?  Short answer: you can’t. Long answer: I’m going to try a batch of my horror favorites here!

Horror of Dracula – Well, well. Director Terence Fisher is here again for the one that started it all!  Even with little dialogue, Lee is tall and imposing, his stature and glare deadly and delightful.  Appearing a half hour into the film, top billed Peter Cushing as Van Helsing is also simply badass. There are unique changes to the tale from Hammer writer Jimmy Sangster (Horror of Frankenstein) of course, with library scholar Harker engaged to Lucy and more character switcharoos. Dracula is also decidedly styled as an English gentleman yet the story never leaves Central Europe.  This also doesn’t look 1958 as we expect from the Leave…

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