So lots of readers ask me about who I would “cast” to fill the roles of my novel Ancient Blood: A Novel of the Hegemony.

Okay, so it’s more like a couple of readers have asked.

All right, it was a guy I know this one time and he might have just been humoring me, but here it is!

My awesomely cool blog post showcasing my fantastic casting abilities which is absolutely not a filler post just to put out a post this week! Promise.


Avery Doyle (Henry Thomas)

The narrator and protagonist, Avery is a geeky everyman caught in a brutal world he doesn’t understand.


Caroline Ludlow (Christina Ricci)

My female protagonist. Caroline is Avery’s Creator and guide through the twisted world of The Hegemony. She is intelligent, politically-savvy, and occasionally manipulative.



Sebastian Blackwood (Gerard Butler)

Caroline’s Creator and former love, Sebastian was once a decent and humane Vampyr. A physical and mental condition called Feralism has brought out the beast in the man and triggered a descent into darkness.



Iago de’Medici (Alan Rickman or Jeremy Irons)

Iago is the Judicus (or Chairman) of the Hegemon Council, but his power in recent years has been slipping. Once a master manipulator and back-stabber extraordinaire, he has become a shadow of the man he once was … or so he would have everyone believe…

Raisa Gorbachev Foundation Party - Arrivals













Julia Agrippina (Eva Green)

The sister of Caligula, wife of Claudius, and mother of Nero, Julia Agrippina is the grande dame of The Hegemony. Vampyr, sorceress, and former Judicus, this two-thousand year-old creature barely remembers what it was to be human.



Geoffrey Plantagenet (Simon Woods)

Another ancient schemer from history, Geoffrey is the younger brother of Richard the Lionheart of England and is generally considered the least-trusted member of the council–quite an accomplishment in such sordid company! Slick, proper, and cold-as-liquid-nitrogen, Geoffrey owes no allegiance to no one and always backs the winning side.

Simon Woods



Draco (Hugo Weaving or Madds Mikkelsen)

If Geoffrey is the least-trusted bastard in a council full of bastards, then Draco is the most feared monster in a Hegemony of monsters. Severe, traditional, and cruel beyond belief, he is a terrifying warrior and tyrannical despot.















Jean-Paul Valmont (James MacAvoy or Jared Leto)

Valmont is the Creation of Julia Agrippina and the sexiest, dirtiest, most deliciously evil son of a bitch you are ever likely to meet between the covers of a novel. Ladies, be warned.





Jade Tiger (Zyang Ziya)

The most mysterious of the Hegemons, Jade Tiger represents the Jiang-shi of Asia. These legendary vampires are an entirely different species from the Vampyr and display entirely different traits. Vain and pleasure-seeking, Jade Tiger’s true motives and strategy are impossible to guess.



And there you have it! Surprised by any of my choices? Did this make you any more interested to read my book? (hint, hint) Sound off in the comments below!


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  1. This is excellent and I think it should be continued. You could write to the stars concerned saying you are currently constructing a budget for a new blockbuster built around your book and wondered if they might be free a week in November when you will be filming and what their charges where. “A owing to budgetary limitations” you could ask them to bring along a range of costumes and a small supply of make up. I have no doubt the replies be very interesting

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    • xuemertie says:

      That could be interesting. I did actually mail a signed copy of my novel to Ms. Ricci, just on the off-chance that she would read it, be enthralled, and try to get a movie put together for it!

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  2. ~~~~~~~ says:

    Where’s Faolin?

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  3. Matt P says:

    Ah, I remember being that one guy that one time.


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