Dhamir Secrets Book Cover

Dhampir Secrets  was written as a “non-fiction novel” giving life to a fictional character, Tony Mureaux, based on the research of the dhampir.  During my research, I learned a dhampir derived from a male vampire and a female human according to Balkin folklore.

Dhampir powers are similar to a vampire, but are adept at detecting and killing vampires.  They have a high sex drive, but only for their mate or with a woman they are attracted to in life. Unlike their father’s, Dhampirs can appear in sunlight without getting burned.  They are very protective of their family and their loved ones. Dhampir’s mature slower than normal humans and can pass as a normal human. Animals and vampires give off a certain scent causing animals to avoid dhampirs, but draws vampires toward them. Dhampirs have an allergy to garlic which gives them nausea or a rash. Dhampirs can eat human food, in small quantities, but their main source of food is blood.  They have small fangs which they drink blood with, but they cannot turn anyone into a vampire.  They carry a canteen of blood to drink when they get thirsty.

 The most intriguing concept of the Dhampir was the fact they are exactly like a vampire with the exception of being normal on the inside.  Their skin is thick and hard and they are very human on the inside.  They don’t bruise easily and only bleed from the most serious of injuries.

 Dhampir Secrets introduces Tony Mureaux as a standoffish guy falling in love with Jessica Pearl.  I applied Tony’s character as humanly normal with the exception of hard skin, drinks blood from a flask and has a high sex drive.  Tony has a tendency to over drink with his father, therefore giving him a blood hangover.   Tony does not have any fangs in my book. Tony is very protective of Jessica.  Tony goes to Canada to get his affairs squared away to move to Mayville when the unthinkable happens to Jessica. She is brutally beaten and raped by the burglar that has been causing havoc in Mayville.  Tony feels guilty for leaving Jessica unprotected and does what he can to make up for this feeling.

Dhampir Love brings Tony and Jessica together for a marriage and a honeymoon in Italy where Tony ends up kidnapped.  Jessica ventures out to find him on her own.  A vampire clan is introduced because a dhampir has disobeyed his maker and must be punished.  Dhampir laws are sacred to vampires and all dhampirs must know the law.  Victor, Tony’s father, and Tony attend a meeting where Tony learns how the law applies to him.

Dhampir Love Book Cover

Dhampir Ever After is currently being written.

I loved writing “The Dhampir Saga”.  Tony’s character came to life to be the complete opposite of what I had experienced in my life.  I went through physical, mental and verbal abuse.  Tony’s character is loving, kind, passionate and sensitive.  The things I missed the most in my life and one day I hope to find. Tony’s character was easy to write because I focused on everything I was missing in mine.

Dhampir Secrets: Kindle and Novel:    http://www.amazon.com/Dhampir-Secrets-Shirlee-Lewis-ebook/dp/B00J6Z3070/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1399869026&sr=8-2&keywords=dhampir

Dhampir Love: Kindle and Novel:     http://www.amazon.com/Dhampir-Love-Secrets-Shirlee-Lewis-ebook/dp/B00JPSS8Q6/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1399869149&sr=8-1&keywords=dhampir+love

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