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Maggie J

You know what word I’m talking about. That word that’s become an insult to all vampires, thanks to the work of one author.

Stephanie Meyer.

Now I don’t blame her. All she did was write a story and have it published. The disdain for that word, or story element, that comes from us. Those of us who believe that vampires do not sp–oops! I almost said it. Say what you will about the quality of Mrs. Meyer’s writing or her storyline, or her character development, but the bottom line is, Twilight is/was a hit.

And no matter how much we as authors and vampire enthusiasts want to distance ourselves from that story or those vampires, we seem to keep using that one word to compare our creations to Mrs. Meyer’s. I am guilty of this too, but that was then. I have grown over time.  

Why? Because I don’t like when…

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  1. Whatever else you might want to say about it, “sp____ing” is now SO associated with Meyer’s characters, NO ONE ELSE will ever use it again for anything (even outside of the ‘vampire’ world!).



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