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Before I begin, I must disclose that I contributed to the “Go Fund Me” for this production. The writer, David and I are friends, and having read an early draft of the script I knew felt I needed to contribute to a staging of Carmilla, if only in a small way. My review is honest and without bias though, I hope y’all enjoy my review, and take the time to see this production.

Carmilla is the latest erotic gothic offering, placed upon the Black Box Theatre alter known as Zombie Joe’s Underground. Carmilla is a deliciously seductive fare, one that will give you nocturnal visions, perhaps even a nightmare…

Carmilla is adapted from the novella by Joseph Sheridan LeFanu, a vampire story that predates Dracula by over two decades. More than just a vampire story, it’s a coming of age piece, one that centers around Laura Fontaine (Lara Lihya)

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