The always entertaining Amy Mah.


Just a girl living alone

    1. Just what is going on? Just because I am a girl living alone the world wants to play it funny with me … not a good idea
      First I get adverts for sex toys from Wowcher and now today I am sent a discount voucher
  1. a discount voucher for zero % is not a discount voucher it is an ADVERT !

£220.00 discount 0% ends 15/12 location
National £220.00 Click Here
Sharp 22″ HD Ready TV, Black glass & Aluminium shelf + 2x HDMI cables

I am a private person and I have an attitude to match, If I don’t know you then don’t knock on my door unless you want to get bitten!

Why do people think I joke when I warn them that I have watched enough horror movies to know how to get rid of dead bodies.
For a difference today I am…

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