This is a nice list of Vampire-themed love songs.

Are you addicts dreading the big heart day or are you welcoming it with open arms? Are you dreaming of that dark-clad beauty or are you currently in the arms of said goddess? Are you hoping for a quick fling or staying the hell away from all that lovey-dovey crap?

Well, here are some horror-friendly Valentines Songs to dedicate to your love, your ex, or that leather-clad hotty you happen to meet on the blessed day.

“This Love” by Pantera
Does your love hurt?

“So Close It Hurts” from the SUCK movie soundtrack
I almost killed you last night… Whoops!

“Love Song” by The Cure
Always a classic!

“Marry Me” by Emilie Autumn
A rather jaded and beautifully morbid look at marriage.

“Army of Love” by Kerli
For all you shiro goths, grab your army, and suit up!

“Love You To Death” by Type O Negative

“Let Me Rest In…

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