1. Tell us a little about yourself. How long have you been writing?

I’ve been writing all of my life, but I started sharing my writing starting in elementary school with a newsletter I created called “The Shaurette Gazette”. (I kid you not.) Vampires didn’t interest me until college and that is when I wrote my first novel.


2. Which story did you contribute to Fresh Blood and what made you want to write that story?

My story was called “Black & White” and I wrote it as a side project spinoff from my current work in progress. It was a chance to explore the characters and the world more.

Fresh Blood

3. What other work have you done?

My first novel was LILITH’S LOVE, which is a modern setting vampire romance. That was 20 years ago. Since then I have written for ezines and blogs, published my short stories and poetry online, and had my stories in anthologies, like my story “Darkness” in the recent HorrorAddicts.net anthology HORRIBLE DISASTERS.


4. What is it about vampires that makes you want to write about them?

First, vampires are hot. Not just sensual but they are topical. They also defy classification. Almost any other mythological creature has an explicit set of qualities. Not so with vampires – they transcend cultures and stereotypes. They can be anything you want them to be and yet they are easily recognizable. I can write a vampire in a story and not have to list the litany of attributes that character has – you can instantly identify what they are and still embrace what might make them unique.


5. What other interests do you have and how do they influence your writing?

I’m a history buff without being an extreme stickler. I like my stories, especially the vampire tales, to have a bit of history. Such long-lived characters should have a bit of history to define them, in my humble opinion.


6. Give us some links where we can find your other work (if available):

Amazon and other online bookstores as well as my personal website, DanShaurette.com.




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