I think Ancient Blood is a good answer to this!

Kevin A. Ranson

FangsAlotI’m not saying this is bad – I’m just asking if this is how it has to be.

I am a male writer who tends to write strong female characters in paranormal horror. This isn’t just my opinion (although it is my intent), but I am told by readers that I do. If a heroine is going to step up, I feel they should hold their own; they make the decisions and accept the consequences for their actions. Blechdel Test be damned, females do talk about males, and often there is romantic inclination or outright sex with a male character; hey, it happens.

I enjoy the inherit vampire and horror elements in these stories, but I am noticing a trend in several of these stories, particularly the one billed as “paranormal romance.” The female character – whether merely human or already vampire – appears to be smitten with or otherwise…

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  1. I’m sensing a theme here. Could it be that Ancient Blood is the Alpha AND the Omega? 😉


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